Effective Hiring Tips for Small Pittsburgh Business Jobs

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Effective Hiring Tips for Small Business Jobs in Pittsburgh PA

Just as potential employees have to prepare themselves for a job interview, the small Pittsburgh businesses that are conducting the interviews also have to make sure that they are prepared. Learn the best method of hiring your next employee before you start writing up ads for jobs.

Be Crystal Clear About the Role

Just as you use keywords in your business branding, the same should apply when you’re posting job ads. Make sure that you include the daily tasks that are involved with the position, how the position fits in with the rest of your company, salary, benefits and any technical skills that you prefer candidates to have.

You should also be clear about how much effort and energy the position will require. If your business is a growing one, then you may want someone who is ready to hit the ground running and willing to help your business grow. Does this particular position combine several jobs? Are there any challenges in particular that candidates should be prepared for?

Go Where the Candidates Are

Rather than casting a wide net, focus your hiring efforts on where the best candidates are most likely to be. Hackathons, trade shows, conferences and meet up groups are all viable locations for finding your next employee. Just like applicants have to search high and low for the perfect position, the same is true for small business owners looking to hire new employees.  

Be Flexible

Small and large businesses alike can now offer their employees flexibility about where they work. Rather than forcing your current and future employees to work at a desk for eight hours or more a day, offer them the option of working from home or at a coffee shop. You might find that employees perform better in a work setting of their own choosing, which is just as beneficial to you as it is to them. Keep your employees happy and you keep yourself happy.

As you’re filling jobs at your small Pittsburgh business, make sure that new employees feel welcome from day one. What you do to attract them to your company should be almost the same that you do to keep them at your company.

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