Job Search Humor is the Soft Skill of the 21st Century

Job Search Humor

No Joke: Humor is the Soft Skill of the 21st Century

Many people invest in furthering their education and obtaining professional credentials in order to enhance their credibility and marketability, but few consider investing in their natural sense of humor as a soft skill. While that might sound funny to you, humor makes change seem less stressful and frightening, enabling you to control your emotions and rise above any crisis. Job search humor is an excellent approach for wrestling with significant life changes. Indeed, being able to see the humor in the absurdities of life is a valuable talent. Aside from these healthy benefits, job search humor leads to workplace humor, something that improves relationships, enhances positive emotions, and boosts productivity.

Making Fun (out) of Relationships

Approaching the difficulties in life with a sense of humor provides an avenue for bonding with your co-workers. Not only that, but employers value the unique ability to lighten up uncomfortable situations in the working environment with mood-changing humor. It promotes a sense of unity by reminding employees that everyone is playing on the same team. When suitably cultivated, genuine humor keeps people and relationships robust by:

  • Forming strong bonds
  • Helping to smooth over differences
  • Diffusing tension
  • Putting things back into perspective

Emotional Worry Lines

A definite link exists between job search humor, workplace humor, and positive emotions in the workplace. In fact, humor is an intentional response under sensitive circumstances that otherwise might impede your performance. It breaks down barriers and is conducive to open, honest communication. Similarly, it encourages rapport-building with staff, develops trust, and fosters a supportive workplace climate by:

  • Interrupting power struggles
  • Improving spontaneity
  • Playing down defensiveness
  • Helping people let go of inhibitions

The Nine-to-Five Happy Hour

Jocularity is linked to creativity and intelligence, two highly valued elements in the workplace. The use of humor heightens the extent to which you feel a cohesive, bonded part of the team. For example, in meetings it encourages participation, helps people retain information, opens up dialogues, and minimizes conflict. In the same way, it allows you to handle yourself in the face of criticism and effectively deal with difficult people. It also helps you:

  • Encourage interactions with others
  • Brainstorm new ideas
  • Improve work ethics
  • Increase teamwork and job satisfaction

Our jobs help define us and are shaped by our personalities. Needless to say, a large percentage of self-confidence and character is enmeshed in what we do for a living. However, improving the quality of your work life is as simple as investing in and utilizing the soft skill of job search humor and ultimately putting it to work for you as workplace humor.

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