The Best College Majors for Pittsburgh Jobs

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The Best College Majors for Pittsburgh Jobs

Many college bound teens are used to being asked what they would like to do for a living. While some students may not have an immediate answer to that question, there are many majors that open up quite a few doors for young people with specific training. While the country is still healing from the recession, these majors are excellent areas of study for college graduates on the hunt for exciting jobs in Pittsburgh.

Informational Systems

One of the many fields of study that students in Pittsburgh are flocking to is Information Systems and Technology. With the city’s booming medical market, many hospitals and local doctor’s offices are looking to update their technology with online charts and state of the art systems. These intelligent graduates with IS training are able to come up with creative solutions to the everyday problems within the healthcare industry. Luckily, there will soon be many new students completing these programs as the informational systems major has seen an exponential increase of 22 percent since the 2011-2012 school year.


Pittsburgh is one of the best places in the country to start your own business. Many of the jobs available within this beautiful city are offered by start-ups and smaller, new companies that are just getting off the ground. With the many programs being offered by many Pennsylvania schools, any business minded student has the opportunity to gain the tools needed to take their ideas into the corporate world.      


In addition to the healthcare industry continuing to grow in Pittsburgh, the need for highly skilled nurses has increased throughout the country. There are many programs being offered within the state of Pennsylvania, including Geneva College’s cardiovascular studies program and Grove City College’s exercise-science major. Seton Hill University also offers comprehensive five-year degree programs that allow students to receive both their bachelors and masters degree in a condensed time period.

While the market for jobs in today’s economy can sometimes be difficult to navigate, these excellent degrees can help any motivated young graduate excel in the competitive business environment in Pittsburgh.

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