How to Be Inspired Every Day in Your Career

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How to Be Inspired Every Day in Your Career

If you want to thrive on your career path, you have to find ways to continually be inspired. Getting bored or stale will reflect in your work and in your life. Don’t let this happen to you! Take responsibility for staying enthusiastic by actively seeking and practicing motivation. Do you want to know how to be inspired every day? Here are some ideas.

Read Inspiring Stories

One source of career inspiration that’s easily inserted into your daily life is to read about others who have made it. There are many biographies and nonfiction essays written about individuals who overcame adversity to become successful. If you don’t think you have enough time to sit down with a book, listen to books-on-CD during your commute to the job, or download them onto a Kindle or other listening device.

Watch Inspiring Videos

You can also derive an energetic boost by watching videos. Instead of watching depressing shoot-‘em-up or gore films, spend some time watching uplifting movies and clips. You don’t have to watch full-length films, either. You can find amazing messages on websites such as youtube and Ted Talks. You’ve probably heard the saying: garbage in/garbage out. Well, the reverse is also true. Fill yourself up with illuminating material and you will shine.

Create an Inspiring Workspace

Humans absorb their environment, so make sure your workspace is a place that radiates inspiration. Hang up posters of creative people you admire, slogans that make you think, and artwork that fills you with awe. When you become bored with the way your work area looks, shake it up by changing it. Paint your walls a beautiful color, rearrange the furniture, or buy yourself a flowering plant.

Spend Time With Inspiring People

Surround yourself with individuals you admire; you know, the ones who make you feel better after being around them. Avoid people who deplete your energy, or limit your time together. Go to conferences, workshops, and take classes to pick up ideas and jumpstart your creativity. Pick up tips from those you admire on how to be inspired every day.

Share Inspiration With Others

Whenever you pick up inspiring ideas, share them with others. By phone, email, or in person, you can teach friends and coworkers how to be inspired every day. When you find a truly elevating book, film, or video clip, pass it on. Sharing the wealth makes you richer, too.

Enthusiasm isn’t an accident; it’s a practice. Keep yourself motivated by constantly expanding your list of how to be inspired every day, and then sharing what you find with others. Over time, you will have an abundance of tools in your inspiration toolbox, as well as a large network of supportive friends.

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